SEG 2019

The group attended #seg2019 in San Antonio and gave 5 talks:

  1. "Learning with Limited Supervision; Lithology Interpretation" to be given at workshop: Machine Learning and Data Analytics Algorithms and Workflows for Geoscience Applications

  2. "Learning with Limited Supervision: Structure Interpretation." to be given at workshop: Artificial Intelligence Frontiers in Geosciences

  3. "Semi-Supervised Learning for Acoustic Impedance Inversion," SEG 2019.

    Paper: Code:

  4. "Facies Classification With Weak and Strong Supervision," in SEG 2019.

    Paper: Code:

    Benchmark dataset:

  5. "Estimation of Acoustic Impedance From Seismic Data Using Temporal Conv. Network," in SEG 2019.

    Paper: Code:

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